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Stop Tracking My Device

Stop Tracking My Device

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(0 Reviews) April 13, 2024
Stop Tracking My Device Stop Tracking My Device Stop Tracking My Device Stop Tracking My Device

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April 13, 2024
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More About Stop Tracking My Device

Do you have any ideas which apps from your device may be collecting data and get permission about your location even when you're not using these applications in daily basis and damaging your battery power and tracking your location history? Use this simple and smart application - Stop Tracking My phone. Nowadays, many apps monitor your location, your daily activity and collect your personal data for all sorts of reasons.
If your privacy is more important for you, we share our gem product with you. We have created a Stop Tracking My phone application for our users; with use of this application you can stop your Android phone from tracking you.

Why Stop Tracking My Phone?
★ Extremely quick and user-friendly interface
★ Most accurate graphics
★ Battery friendly features
★ Control on phone wasted permission
★ Reduce unnecessary permissions

Stop Tracking My Phone - The great thing about this app is that you can block all apps that use your location permission, so your location cannot be tracked by anyone applications. We have developed this application for those users who don't want to share their location to others.

Blocked Applications & Games:

With Blocked application & Games functionality, Users can block applications and games anytime, anywhere with used of a few clicks and stop unnecessary use and avoid unwanted browsing data. It works similar to application lock and your device to unwanted use.

Stop tracking My Phone – shared three types of risk meter for every app users based on installed apps and games on devices, High Risk apps list, Medium Risk apps list, and No Risk apps list.

High Risk: Here you can see apps list which contains high risk permissions.

Medium Risk: Users can see here apps list which contains Medium risk permissions.

No Risk: List out those apps here which has no more risk permission for users device .

Know all permissions used by installed apps in your device. Here users can easily check installed apps permissions, System apps permissions, and other kinds of special permission. You can easily stop these all tracking permissions with a few clicks of Stop Tracking My phone.

Tired of obtrusive apps or games spying on your location in the background, damaging the battery and monitoring your every step? So we created the Stop Tracking My Phone application, to help you remember to turn off your location services and unnecessary permissions when you're done using them. No one wants their online activity and location history to be tracked and shared with third parties; with the Stop Tracking Me app it’s possible to stop this.

Stop Tracking My phone – Just install this application on your device and stop tracking all unnecessary permission with a single click and be safe from unwanted treats. 

Stop Tracking My Device / Don’t Track Me – We always welcome user’s feedback and suggestions regarding applications, kindly email us as your valuable suggestions.

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