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Who is tracking my phone

Who is tracking my phone

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(0 Reviews) April 19, 2024
Who is tracking my phone Who is tracking my phone Who is tracking my phone Who is tracking my phone

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April 19, 2024
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Do you know what apps may be collecting data and permission about your location even when you're not using them and damaging battery and monitoring your every activity? Use this android application - Who Is Tracking My Phone.
Who Is Tracking My Phone - Receive alerts and notification when any installed app in your device is tracking your location even in background. See statistics on how many times you have been tracked and for how long. With used of this app Who Is Tracking You, you can See what apps have permission to access your location.

App Usage:
Show app usage history, and check most-used apps via sorting order. It tracks and lists the history of all installed apps usage for today, last 7 days, and last 15 days etc. Simple, App Usage is device usage management feature.

App Permission manager:

Know the permissions used by all installed apps in your device. Here users can easily check installed apps permissions, System apps permissions, any kind of special permission for apps.

Permission Manager also knows as Permission controller for Android app that can help to track permissions and manage installed applications unnecessary permissions. A very helpful Application manager app for all android users for whom personal information and mobile security is the priority.

Who Is Tracking My Phone works like this: simply add a set of permissible applications that you allow to use your location. Who Is Tracking You will continually monitor the state of these applications, and send you a alert reminder if your GPS is on and you aren't using any of them.

Who Is Tracking My Phone - Must download free android application for all android users and tablet.

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