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States Builder: Trade Empire

States Builder: Trade Empire

1.3.0 by Discover Unique Resources
(0 Reviews) April 05, 2024
States Builder: Trade Empire States Builder: Trade Empire States Builder: Trade Empire States Builder: Trade Empire States Builder: Trade Empire States Builder: Trade Empire

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April 05, 2024
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More About States Builder: Trade Empire

It’s all about supply chains in this fun idle world-building simulator game where the aim is to develop all of human civilization one hex at a time. Log, mine, craft and process raw materials to earn coins, then use them to upgrade your facilities and expand your profits so you can open up more land, unlocking entire continents and eventually the whole wide world.

If you’re looking for a fun builder game with some complex strategy elements and satisfying challenges, then download States Builder now and start building your worldwide business empire.

◾ GET LOGGING: It all starts with wood – you cut trees to sell at market, then soon you’ll be able to afford a logging mill and a board factory. As you progress through the game, you’ll open up all sorts of other resources that can be processed in a variety of different ways.

◾ FEED THE CHAIN: Processed resources take longer to produce, but also make you more money. Use strategy to work out the best way to maximize your profits in the game by building varied supply chains, then watch the coins come pouring in.

◾ IMMEDIATE RETURNS: Spend profit on upgrading facilities on the map to increase your income in your current level. Each mine and processing facility has six levels, each of which increases productivity and profit. Adapt your strategy to make profits as fast as possible and move on to the next level of the game.

◾ INVEST IN THE FUTURE: You can also buy upgrades for resource production speed and greater profit. Upgrades apply to all facilities producing one type of material, and also carry across levels in the game, so you get to keep the benefits.

◾ RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Divert resources to equip and launch exploration balloons that will scout out new lands. Each time a balloon is launched in the game, you get coin and crystal bonuses.

◾ DISCOVER NEW LANDS: Once you’ve opened every hex in an area, you’ll need to save up coins to unlock the next area. Who knows what resources you’ll find when you discover new lands?

◾ WE HAVE LIFT OFF: When you’ve unlocked every hex on a continent, you’ll find a rocket. Fuel it up with resources to complete the level, then blast off to a new virgin continent with new resources to mine and craft, and start building all over again.


From a small single settlement, through a developed town, to a fantastic industrial civilization with your own spaceship, in States Builder you get to build your way through human history and watch as your whole planet becomes a hive of industry. If you enjoy strategy games and would like the chance to build your own world, then install States Builder now.

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