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Shark Land: Desert Island

Shark Land: Desert Island

4.0.8 by VADE
(0 Reviews) April 15, 2024
Shark Land: Desert Island Shark Land: Desert Island Shark Land: Desert Island Shark Land: Desert Island Shark Land: Desert Island Shark Land: Desert Island

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April 15, 2024
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More About Shark Land: Desert Island

“Hey, survivor, there is an island up ahead! Turn the raft and row before the shark didn’t eat you.”
It’s been a month of the survival after the crash. I was fortunate to build a raft from the ship’s wreckage. During this time, the ocean has become like a home to me. I learned how to fish, collect rainwater and even fight off the attacks of the ferocious sharks which destroyed all my crafts. About an hour ago, a raging storm replaced the quiet water surface, my raft got wet and began to sink, the wind blew away the sail, and the ocean washed away the resources. I remember how I noticed this island before I was covered in a huge wave, and now I'm here.

I managed to make friends with a parrot. He claims that his captain is the famous pirate John S. Having looked around on the island, I found a notebook; maybe this diary belonged to the pirate John S. I don’t know how this will help me to survive, but I’ll save it just in case. I will have to explore the island and rebuild my raft, but this is better than survival on a raft in the ocean among hungry sharks. Join and fight for the survival!

🏝 Build a raft or hut:
Start building now! You can get to different islands, explore the surroundings or build a raft. You will find many elements of the interior and crafting in our home construction simulator. Grab the hammer and let’s get started!

💎 Catch resources:
Use the hook to get the necessary resources: debris, leaves, barrels and other. You will need them, because our survival game will not let you get bored. You will be able to make an ax and chop palm trees, a fishing rod and fish, spear and stock up on food.

⚒️ Craft:
Create auxiliary tools, weapons, buildings and decorations. You can build a huge hut or raft, create production and accumulate resources or just complete quests. All this you can find in our block building simulator.

🐗 Hunting:
There are a lot of dangerous animals on the islands. If you want to survive - hunt animals, or they will hunt you. Also do not forget about the ocean with hungry shark. Make a gun or spear and protect yourself.

📜 Pirate Treasures:
Passing quests in English, searching for pirate treasures, ships and abandoned buildings with dungeons will not let you get bored. Just survive offline in island adventure games!

🌊 Raft survival simulator:
The game left the opportunity to build on the water and do the usual things for fans of raft survival games. There are a lot of useful resources in the survival game right off the coast of the island, but you can also go far beyond the horizon and build a raft in the middle of the ocean. In the chests and barrels around you will find vital resources, without them you can’t survive in the sea and on the islands, and the wreckage can be used to build a raft or a house of blocks.

Features of a survival game:
> Survival on the island
> Crafting in the ocean
> Life simulator on a raft
> An open world to explore
> Daily Survival Bonuses
> Shooting archery
> Block building simulator
> First person construction offline
> Weather change and day-night cycle
> Passage of quests and stories of pirates
> Hungry sharks, bears and furious boars

Go through our survival game and share the results with your friends online.
Remember, the main goal is to survive at all costs!

Community at Discord: https://discord.gg/ADTCphy 💬

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