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Shadow Shooting Pixel FPS Game

Shadow Shooting Pixel FPS Game

4.5 by Best Mobile FPS Shooting Games
(0 Reviews) April 20, 2024
Shadow Shooting Pixel FPS Game Shadow Shooting Pixel FPS Game Shadow Shooting Pixel FPS Game Shadow Shooting Pixel FPS Game Shadow Shooting Pixel FPS Game

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April 20, 2024
Best Mobile FPS Shooting Games
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More About Shadow Shooting Pixel FPS Game

Are you a fan of first-person shooter games? Does the exciting fighting genre excite your gamer instincts? Have you been craving for an enhanced yet simplistic FPS shooter experience?If so, then you are in luck as Pixel Shooter brings to you satisfactory gameplay that consists of ALL the FPS madness and MORE!
FPS games were once considered to be intuitive and unique due to their exciting experiences. However, the shooter genre has lost its charm amidst the race of becoming the best first-person experience.
But worry not, Pixel Shooter understands the pristine importance of the FPS shooter genre and ensures that the gamers are provided with the original super hot concept of FPS combat.

Despite the ground-breaking advances in the mobile-gaming industry, mobile gamers have missed the simplistic gameplay of first-person shooter experiences. If you wish to ride the nostalgic tides, Pixel Shooter has got you covered with one of the best FPS experiences in 2020.

Pixel Shooter is set in a futuristic setting where the human race has fallen prey to an evil scientific genius, The Professor!

The FPS shooter experience is centered around a humanoid character, the Shadow Legend, who is also one of the creations of The Professor but, upon the use of his intelligent analytical skills, he has realized that the Professor is on the path of Evil.

Therefore, the Shadow Legend starts its fighting campaign in a critical first-person perspective to defy the rules imposed by the Professor in its attempt to stamp authority on the entire region!

Join the fight against the Professor who has developed powers that can help him rule the entire region and plans to dwell on the devil’s path. To fulfill his wishes, he has formed an army of formidable humanoid agents to conquer the region and stomp his authority!

You have a responsibility to stop him in his traits and save the world!

Experience a fast-paced, action-packed FPS experience that consists of enigmatic scenarios to overcome and defeat the Professor’s army. Like every other FPS shooter, the agents will strive to make your experience as fierce and difficult as they can. But fret not, the Shadow Legend is capable of defeating them with its agile capabilities and powers. However, to unlock that, you need to slip in your shooting gloves, meet your challenges head-on, and unleash the ruthlessness.

Daily Rewards
The Shadow Legend needs strength to fight off the entire army of the Professor, which is why you will be showered with free upgrades and in-game currency to support your strategy of defeating the Professor.

9 Weapons with varying skill-levels
With a variety of weapons with varying levels of strength, the Shadow legend is bound to become more and more powerful in its battle with the army of Professor’s agents.

50 Different Maps conquered by the Professor
The Professor’s empire is increasing by the minute! Jump in the arena, begin your mission of weakening the reign of the Professor and improve your strength in the process.

Exciting FPS experience
Experience the journey as we diminish and uproot the revised idea of FPS shooter games and remaster the original FPS shooting experience.

FPS gaming experience has been suffering a shift in its core identity due to the unnecessary and irregular innovations that have transformed the gaming experience, and not for the better.

First-person shooting games demand to be remastered to their original concept of premium FPS experiences that made the genre unique and intuitive.
Pixel Shooter ensures to bring forth the original FPS gaming experience that was once anticipated by the gamers and was rigorously maintained throughout the gameplays.

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