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Ropy Hero 3D: Super Action

Ropy Hero 3D: Super Action

2.0.1 by Tie 'em up like a web hero‪!‬
(0 Reviews) April 08, 2024
Ropy Hero 3D: Super Action Ropy Hero 3D: Super Action Ropy Hero 3D: Super Action Ropy Hero 3D: Super Action Ropy Hero 3D: Super Action

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April 08, 2024
Tie 'em up like a web hero‪!‬
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More About Ropy Hero 3D: Super Action

What can you do to run away from mad scientists trying to turn you into a super mutant? Get ready for the real thrill of a great fight in Ropy Hero - a new action hit master game!
The world is divided between a few mighty genetic corporations, who strive for developing universal soldiers - mutants, able to destroy armies in minutes. You play as a victim of human experiments, the only survivor who has just managed to escape a lab. Why are you still standing here? Run! There are thousands of robot guards trying to hunt you down!

In addition to immense strength, great stamina, and enhanced vision, now your hero possesses a marvelous superpower - the ability to shoot magnet ropes from hands! No, not like the web of the spider hero. Your ropes are much stronger and have a magnetic effect, so you can tie down any object. Use these magic ropes to stick the guard robots to buzzsaws, planes and other interactive objects that you meet on your way to freedom. You must survive!

Why you’ll love the rope hero game:

- Action-packed gameplay
- Bright 3D graphics
- Intense boss fights
- Interactive environment
- Realistic ragdoll physics
- Simple controls

Are you ready for the most dangerous rooftop run in your life? Get your ropes ready and make fury shots like a hit master! Play Ropy Hero now and feel the real thrill of casual action gameplay!

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