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Lost Realm: Chronorift

Lost Realm: Chronorift

1.0.18 by DroidHen
(0 Reviews) April 16, 2024
Lost Realm: Chronorift Lost Realm: Chronorift Lost Realm: Chronorift Lost Realm: Chronorift Lost Realm: Chronorift Lost Realm: Chronorift

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April 16, 2024
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“On that day, corruptors… devour the realms. Will you reverse the destiny?”
Ever wanted to lead a troop of heroes from the past to save the Realms of another spacetime? Here, in Lost Realm: Chronorift, your dream comes true! This brand-new mobile game is an action-packed fantasy RPG with distinctive graphics and unique gameplay. You, as the Keeper of Rift Hall, will be guarding this lost land, wiping out corruptors, competing with players around the world for glory!


Exquisite Graphics with Unique Plots
Prepare to be mesmerized by the stunning visuals that brings the lost Realms to life. Each scene is meticulously crafted to transport you to a Realm filled with mythical creatures and enchanting landscapes. The storylines, rich with twists and turns, offer a compelling narrative for players to explore. What’s the real identity of Eureka? What are the secrets of all those Realms? Come and find out yourself!

Meet 100+ Heroes and 40+ Artifacts
With a vast array of heroes to choose from, each with their own background story, you can uncover their potential and abilities. Even heroes of lower quality have the opportunity to shine in battles. Unlock and wield divine artifacts that augment strength of heroes, further enhancing your strategic options. Collect all legendary heroes, unleash their power, and destroy corruptors!

Strategize Squads of Your Own
Customize your heroes in ANY way you want. Equip them with powerful gear. Enhance their skills. Upgrade, evolve, and promote them. Awaken them to unlock special talents. Tailor your team plan according to preferences and playstyle of your own. Adjust formation and seize the good timing of skill activation in battles to counter your opponents' lineups. What tactics will you choose to win the battle?

Tons of Modes and Rich Gameplay
Experience a wide range of gameplay modes that cater to different preferences and challenges.
-Glory and Outland Arenas: Test your skills against other players in thrilling arena battles. Compete in two different modes to climb the ranks and achieve glory.
-Affairs: Take on a multitude of assignments, each offering unique rewards and challenges. You may even uncover the unknown sides of the heroes as you finish their miscellaneous quests!
-Areopagus: Join forces with members from the Areopagus to face off against evolving Bosses in Elite Trial. Coordinate with your Leader to tackle different Lairs of Horrors based on each member's strength, aiming for higher scores collectively.
-Trials of Wonderland: Encounter a variety of brain-teasing dungeons, including Ancient Tomb, Fensalir, Trials of Light and Gloomy Abyss, each with its own difficulties. Test your wits in battles that feature Bosses with a myriad of skills. Devise multiple lineups to gain an advantage and emerge victorious.
-And more! We are developing another game mode where heroes clash in intense battles. Choose where you step and what you collect wisely, or you may find it hard to win. Stay tuned!

Start this thrilling RPG adventure today, where you'll witness the clash, unearth the secrets, and shape your destiny in a world brimming with strategy. Are you ready to become the Keeper? The fate of this mystical Realm awaits!

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