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Liminal Space: Poolrooms Hotel

Liminal Space: Poolrooms Hotel

1.0.6 by survival games
(0 Reviews) April 16, 2024
Liminal Space: Poolrooms Hotel Liminal Space: Poolrooms Hotel Liminal Space: Poolrooms Hotel Liminal Space: Poolrooms Hotel Liminal Space: Poolrooms Hotel Liminal Space: Poolrooms Hotel

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April 16, 2024
survival games
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More About Liminal Space: Poolrooms Hotel

Enter the liminal spaces: A bone-chilling FPS experience that will haunt your nightmares. Survive the madness or be lost forever. Dare to step in?
Dive into the darkest depths of the human psyche with "Liminal Spaces" an adrenaline-pumping FPS horror game that will test your sanity and courage like never before. In this spine-chilling adventure a surreal and nightmarish dimension beyond reality.

Levels included:
- Level 00
- Poolrooms(Level 37)
- Liminal Hotel
- City Level

Level 00
Legend has it that the level 00 is an eerie amalgamation of forgotten spaces, abandoned buildings, and endless corridors that exist between realities. Once you're pulled into its claustrophobic grasp, escape seems impossible. Flickering lights cast haunting shadows, and strange echoes amplify the feeling of being watched. Only the bravest dare to step foot in this otherworldly maze.

Nexbots Awaken:
This place is not empty. Sinister beings known as Nexbots roam the ever-shifting labyrinth, their existence fueled by malevolence. These grotesque monstrosities once served as caretakers, but now their twisted minds are consumed with the desire to torment and terrify anyone who dares trespass.

Survival is the Only Way:
Armed with limited resources and your wits, you must navigate the maze-like corridors, avoiding detection by the Nexbots and evading their relentless pursuit. The game pushes you to the brink of terror, testing your ability to keep your fear in check. Only the stealthiest and most cunning players stand a chance of surviving.

Fear in Every Corner:
The Liminal spaces are an ever-changing nightmare. Each level presents unique challenges, with dynamically generated environments and sinister surprises lurking around every turn. From decaying offices and industrial complexes to desolate hospitals and haunted schools, fear is your constant companion.

Desperate Choices:
As you progress deeper into the liminal spaces, you'll uncover chilling secrets and encounter other lost souls. Some might offer a helping hand, while others are driven to madness, leaving you to question your own sanity. Every decision you make affects your fate and the outcome of your terrifying journey.

Unravel the Mystery:
What malevolent force lurks at its core? Unravel the dark history and mysteries of this nightmarish realm as you push your courage to the limit.

Immerse Yourself in Unparalleled Horror:
This game features cutting-edge graphics and spine-chilling sound design, intensifying the feeling of being trapped in a living nightmare. With realistic environmental effects and eerie atmospheric music, the game delivers an unforgettable horror experience that will stay with you long after you've put down the controller.

Dare to Face the Liminal Spaces:
Are you ready to confront your deepest fears? Embrace the horror, gather your courage, and step into the abyss. The fate of your mind and soul hangs in the balance. Can you survive it and escape the clutches of terror? Only the bravest will prevail.

Key Features:

Heart-pounding FPS horror experience
Face malevolent Nexbots in a nightmarish maze
Navigate dynamically generated environments
Make life-or-death decisions
Uncover secrets
Stunning graphics and immersive sound design
A terrifying journey into the unknown awaits… Will you survive?

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