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Immortal Clash

Immortal Clash

2.1.0 by Games Hub Hong Kong Limited
(0 Reviews) April 18, 2024
Immortal Clash Immortal Clash Immortal Clash Immortal Clash Immortal Clash Immortal Clash

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April 18, 2024
Games Hub Hong Kong Limited
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On this land, Vampires, Werewolves, and Hunters are constantly at odds, and invasions from Zombies and barbarians threaten the empire's stability. Only the most powerful will survive!
You will explore and inherit Dracula's castle, become a Vampire, recruit Heroes, train armies, conquer cities, and bring glory to your Faction. Climb the ranks of your Faction, from common member to Vassal, and eventually to Faction Overlord. Build a great empire with your Guilds, embark on a magnificent journey, and celebrate endless victories!

Game Features:

1. Castle Administration - Develop as a Vampire
Players will explore Dracula's castle, learn the secrets of the Vampires, and gradually take control of the castle. Control your thirst for blood, avoid sunlight, and become a true Vampire earl!

2. Diverse Troop Types - Strategize to Win
Choose from melee, ranged, or flying troops, with a total of 12 unique subtypes. Werewolves, for example, have Frenzy Talents, whereas Vampires have Lifesteal Talents, emphasizing the differences between the races. Melee troops provide primary defense, cavalry provides mobility, ranged troops attack enemies from a distance, and flying units are excellent for ambushing enemies. The three-dimensional battlefield creates realistic combat scenarios and puts your commanding abilities to the test!

3. Form Your Own Faction - Build Your Own Empire
Players can form their own Factions by integrating Guilds, establish a country, and help shape the game world. You can survive the battle between Factions and write your own history if you rely on your own intelligence!

4. Mysterious Heroes - Diverse Experiences
Players can get mysterious Vampire and Werewolf Heroes to accompany them on their journey of collecting magical treasures. Capture powerful monsters in the wilderness, tame them to attack cities, or manage a manor and create gifts to impress various Heroes.

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