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Idle Power

Idle Power

1.8.6 by Deuski Games
(0 Reviews) April 07, 2024
Idle Power Idle Power Idle Power Idle Power Idle Power Idle Power

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April 07, 2024
Deuski Games
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Your systems have come online. Your programming directs you to generate as much energy as possible, by any means necessary. Use your resources to generate energy, sell it to the power grid, and invest the money to build up your infrastructure as you expand. The world, and indeed the universe, will find out just what happens when an artificial intelligence is given a single task: Maximize yourself at all costs.
Idle Power features multiple sections that contain hundreds of upgrades and fun things to do, including generating power, selling power, a battery merge game to increase your profits, and a suite of prestige mechanics to start over and expand even faster. Expand your influence across the cosmos and remember: Never slow down.

Drag the sun to power your solar panels and get started. Other energy sources will be unlocked as you play! Energy is the wellspring from which all else flows, and the universe has a practically unlimited supply!

Sell your energy to generate funds that you can then invest in expanding your capabilities, improving your production infrastructure and your demand networks. Your power grid will grow as you upgrade it until it is truly fearsome to behold.
Expand your reach by investing energy and money to synthesize batteries, which improve the base value of energy, increasing profits even faster. And if that wasn’t enough, Idle Power includes a merge game, enabling batteries to be merged with each other to generate an even more powerful battery that further increases your profits – and therefore – your production.
At times you will notice inefficiencies in the infrastructure you create, and will have no choice but to tear it all down. But fear not, because the learning you have acquired through the ages will allow you to invest in powerful unique upgrades that will be crucial to prestige and build it all back better, faster, and stronger than ever before!

Idle Power is the latest and greatest from Deuski Games, and continues in the tradition of a truly idle game that can be played for seconds, minutes, or hours, and then plays itself while you are away!
Idle Power is free to download and play, but it does contain the option to watch advertisements for in-game bonuses as well as in-app purchases which allow you to remove those ads.

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