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Idle Guns Factory Tycoon

Idle Guns Factory Tycoon

2.2.2 by Idle Guns Tycoon Game
(0 Reviews) April 19, 2024
Idle Guns Factory Tycoon Idle Guns Factory Tycoon Idle Guns Factory Tycoon

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April 19, 2024
Idle Guns Tycoon Game
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More About Idle Guns Factory Tycoon

Do you know how AK-47 submachine guns are built? Do you know what parts and how the AK-47 is made? I think it would be interesting for you to build the submachine gun from scratch, and find out the shooting power of it?
With the Idle Guns Factory clicker game, you will have a unique chance to sneak into the arms warehouse and get the vibe to become a real gun builder of various guns classes!
You can build such iconic submachine guns as AK-47, M-134, M-249, RPG-7.
This clicker also allows you to get involved into the building process of the coolest and incredibly futuristic weapons that actually exist and have been recently used by the most powerful militaries in the world. When you build your gun, you can try it in the shooting range!

Advantages of the game:
1. A tremendous amount of content
You can build a lot of guns for each class and get quite an idle weapons army. When you build guns from parts you will get interesting facts and things about them.

2. Understandable and interesting gameplay
It is a super simple clicker game. The gameplay is intuitively understandable to each player.

3. Splendor of color effect and a charming soundtrack
The idle is accompanied by pleasant and impressive visual and sound effects. Enjoy a game to the full extent!

4. Play on whenever and wherever you like
The Idle Gun Clicker game can be launched offline and doesn't require an internet connection. You can play at any time, even on a flight!

5. Includes lots of different improvements and bonuses
An enormous amount of upgrades and boosters are awaiting you. Accelerate your progress with time travel, double speed, and wheel fortune.

6. Try out your weapon in a shooting range and earn more money
After building a gun, give it a try in a shooting range. Discover the weapon power and functionality, test what can be added or is opposite to your preferences.

Even though the idle is not launched, you would get income from your weapons. Upgrade your weapons and get more offline income. Feel the progress and move effortlessly passing the levels in automatic mode.

Idle Gun Clicker is an easy to follow and nicely done clicker game about weapons with a shooting range feature. Download Idle Gun Factory right now and you will be able to not only enjoy the game but also to know much more about the best guns on earth!

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