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Forest Island

Forest Island

2.10.1 by Relaxing Game with Animals
(0 Reviews) April 03, 2024
Forest Island Forest Island Forest Island Forest Island Forest Island Forest Island

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April 03, 2024
Relaxing Game with Animals
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More About Forest Island

■ Welcome Gift for New UsersAdopt the cute [ The Three Little Rabbits ] and [ Albino Raccoon ] for free!
- 2024, Korea, App Store_Selected as a Must-Not-Miss Event
- 2023, Korea, App Store_Selected as a Popular Game
- 2023, Korea, App Store_Selected as an Essential iPhone Game
- 2022, Korea, Winner of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award
- 2022, Korea, Creative Content Agency_Selected as the Game of the Month
- 2022, Korea, App Store_Selected as Today's Game

Over 4 million foresters have chosen the idle relaxing game [ Forest Island ], a sanctuary for animal and nature lovers.

Beautiful nature and cute animals are always by your side,
whenever your exhausted heart by anxiety and stress needs rest.

Relax and chill with the cute baby animals,
and experience happiness growing various natural habitats at your own pace.

With all the adorable animals and birds that live in the sky, the sea, and the forest,
we hope you find joy and peace in this relaxing idle relaxing game created especially for you.

[ Game Features ]
1. Over 100 types of animals and birds including rabbits, cats, ducks, and raccoons.
Collect and bond with over 100 different animals and birds, such as rabbits, cats, ducks, and raccoons, from all natural environments including the sky, sea, and forest, to create precious memories.
(Continual updates will introduce new types of animals and birds.)

2. Our precious natural world is threatened by climate change, environmental pollution, and the risk of animal extinction.
Clear debris washed up by the sea and gather hearts and vitality from animals, birds, and forests to grow your island.
Add a variety of natural habitats like forests, lakes, meadows, boulders, coastlines, plateaus, cliffs, and jungles to enrich your own island.

3. Relaxing BGM music and natural ASMR sounds that calm the mind.
Enjoy a relaxation mode with comfortable healing background music and natural ASMR sounds like the ocean, rain, wind, water, and bird calls, which help alleviate stress and provide mental stability.
Escape the hustle and stress of city life and take a moment to heal with the scenery of flowers and trees bathed in warm sunlight.

4. An idle relaxing game that is easy for anyone to play and continues to grow even when left alone.
An easy-to-play idle game that lets you enjoy the beautiful scenery of a growing forest and island at your own pace, even when you're not actively playing.

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Follow Forest Island's official Instagram for special events, the latest news, and various animal relaxing content.

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