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Evolving Bombs!

Evolving Bombs!

4.9.1 by Evolve, air gun control, shoot
(0 Reviews) April 15, 2024
Evolving Bombs! Evolving Bombs! Evolving Bombs! Evolving Bombs! Evolving Bombs! Evolving Bombs!

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April 15, 2024
Evolve, air gun control, shoot
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More About Evolving Bombs!

The ultimate destruction game is here!
Introducing "Evolving Bombs", the exciting mobile 3D game where you merge, multiply, and evolve several types of bombs thrown from an airplane to demolish your target!

Start with a simple dynamite stick and progress through increasingly powerful bombs like the hand grenade, RPG missile, and culminates in the ultimate MOAB.

To win, you need to carefully choose which bombs to use and when to use them. You can even merge and multiply your bombs to make them stronger and more powerful. You must use strategy and think ahead to be successful!

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter various tasks, each with a different objective. In some of them, you'll need to defend yourself against enemy planes by shooting them down and giving air support to your own team. In others, you'll have to free hostages and defend your base against enemy attacks.

The game offers a unique approach to the traditional "evolution" game genre, where players are tasked with evolving their weapons. Merge and multiply your bombs to create a more powerful arsenal and unleash them on unsuspecting targets.

The game's focus is on evolving the bombs, but it also includes other strategic elements, such as artillery, air defence 3D , and attack. You'll need to carefully control your mob and utilize your weapons to successfully complete each task and progress further into more challenging levels.

Play vs your friends, challenge them in this addictive game.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing today and see how high you can evolve your bombs!

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