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Desert Riders - Wasteland Cars

Desert Riders - Wasteland Cars

1.4.15 by Show your Rage - Shoot & Ride‪!‬
(0 Reviews) April 18, 2024
Desert Riders - Wasteland Cars Desert Riders - Wasteland Cars Desert Riders - Wasteland Cars Desert Riders - Wasteland Cars Desert Riders - Wasteland Cars Desert Riders - Wasteland Cars

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April 18, 2024
Show your Rage - Shoot & Ride‪!‬
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More About Desert Riders - Wasteland Cars

Drivers, rev your engines! Get ready for a heart-pounding nonstop thrill-fest packed with fast cars, powerful guns, and more road rage than downtown New York City during rush hour. Download Desert Riders now and start living life in the fast lane!

Fight enemies as you race side-by-side down the road in this exhilarating car shooting game. Just press on your screen to fire your weapon and drag your finger to aim. Blow apart enemy vehicles piece by piece and eliminate enemy shooters to make them spin out of control and explode!

Be careful to avoid enemy fire and make sure to dodge before the other vehicles ram into you. If you take too much damage, your car will be the one to blow up! The better your shooting and driving skills, the more in-game money you’ll be rewarded with!


No car game is complete without customization, and Desert Riders is no exception! Choose a booster at the beginning of each level to add awesome extra weapons, armor, and health before you hit the street and bring the heat.

Take personalization to the next level by saving up currency to unlock tons of new cars and swappable parts at the garage. And remember to get a sweet new paint job while you’re at it!


• This action-packed car shooting game combines easy-to-learn controls with challenging goals.

• Take down enemies in all types of vehicles, from motorcycles and sports coupes to police cars and armored trucks. For bonus cash, wipe out enemies as you drive by buildings in slow motion! Rack up kills to complete levels, and score extra points for well-aimed headshots!

• As you progress, you’ll travel through different apocalyptic worlds with varying terrains! See if you can prove your skills in especially tough boss levels.

• Choose a new booster in each level to play to your strengths. Laser and plasma guns, lightning, armor, money, extra health—all this and more is at your disposal!

• Complete levels and missions to open chests and get rewards that you can use to modify your vehicle.

• Make a pit stop at the auto shop to upgrade your ride. Unlock dozens of cars, including retro and rare models!

• Customize your vehicle with over 70 wheels, bumpers, exhaust pipes, and engines. Plus, paint your car any color you want!

• Enjoy the awesome soundtrack, fun sound effects, and cool graphics!

• Turn up the thrill factor with the optional vibration setting.

This shooter and car game has it all: fast-paced gameplay, mind-blowing excitement, and cool cars and weapons. Get behind the wheel and jump into the action! Install Desert Riders now and go for a spin!

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