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Country Balls Io: Battle Arena

Country Balls Io: Battle Arena

1.2.43 by Capture all of the world‪!‬
(0 Reviews) April 02, 2024
Country Balls Io: Battle Arena Country Balls Io: Battle Arena Country Balls Io: Battle Arena Country Balls Io: Battle Arena Country Balls Io: Battle Arena Country Balls Io: Battle Arena

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April 02, 2024
Capture all of the world‪!‬
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More About Country Balls Io: Battle Arena

Do you like strategy games? Where you can use all of your tactic skills and logic? Well, Country Balls Io is for you!
In this game, you can play as any country, and the whole world is your arena. You have to gather an army and start your takeover by capturing cities and other countries. Don’t forget that you have to defend your own state! Use your logic to win the fight with the best strategy. You have to think and outsmart your enemy to win a war.
Become a legend by leading massive Countryball armies! Be a hero who can control an unstoppable force and take over the world!


The game is really simple to play, but hard to master. First of all, you have to wait to gather your army. Once your military force is big enough, you simply have to tap and drag from your base to another, and the giant Country Balls assault will begin. If you have more soldiers than your enemy, you will be able to defeat and take over the enemy state. The captured city will change its color to yours. And now you can select your new target and strike your foes! The battle has only begun! Show your logic and become the perfect leader. Use the best strategy to win the war!
But that's not it! Your foes are also taking action all over the world. They can capture other cities and even send armies to your keep and defeat it completely. Time your movements well, always look at the bigger picture and prepare your next step in advance - just like playing puzzle or chess - and you will succeed! In this simulator game you have to be wise and youse your logic. Conquer states and territories in the epic clash game! Be the smartest champion to win the war and become king of the world!


Bring hell to your enemies, defend your state and look cool while doing so!
By defeating armies and getting through many levels, you will receive tons of gold and coins! You can spend those to customize yourself with tons of epic accessories!
First of all, you can select your country and play as your favorite Countryball. But you can select lots of decorations as well! Hats, weapons, skins, anything you want! Tons of options - special for you!


But it's not all about looking cool. It's also about being mighty!
Once you get through several levels, you will notice that the difficulty starts to increase. But don't be afraid, general! Did you know that you can upgrade your stats with gold coins that you've gathered? It's all that you need - your strength, how many units you have at the very beginning of the round, the speed of your army - choose wisely since you don't have an unlimited budget! Be wise and use your logic to fit upgrades for your strategy. The stronger the army, the easier the war So you have to think while playing the levels, and think while selecting the upgrades! Interesting, right?

But that's not it! There are also tons of different awesome features in the Country Balls io game that are worth mentioning!


- Select Your Country and play as your favorite Countryball
- Fight all over the world map
- Defend your state
- Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
- Big armies expansion
- Tactic Puzzles
- Cool artstyle
- Awesome graphics
- Simple controls
- Intuitive interface
- Various character customization
- Build your own Countryball!

Build your own state, use logic, and win a war with the best possible strategy. Fight all over the world map and be a wise leader for your army! This simulation game is not simple as it looks. Can you get the best of all upgrades and be the pride of your state?

But more importantly, this game is absolutely FREE! So what are you waiting for? Download Country Balls Io: Battle Arena and start to command, capture and takeover! Can you become the legend?

*The game is designed for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to the real world and geopolitical situation are coincidental.*

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