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Carrier Landing HD

Carrier Landing HD

2020.5.05 by Air Combat Trainer
(0 Reviews) April 01, 2024
Carrier Landing HD Carrier Landing HD Carrier Landing HD Carrier Landing HD Carrier Landing HD Carrier Landing HD

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April 01, 2024
Air Combat Trainer
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More About Carrier Landing HD

Carrier Landing HD is a high-end flight sim optimized for iOS devices, offering the following advantages:
Multiplayer Game: 
The multiplayer mode supports authentic Air Combat and Deathmatch modes. You can team up with friends for realistic dogfights or join Deathmatch rooms to engage in intense battles with players from around the world.

The aerodynamic model of each aircraft includes multiple components, with careful calculations of their inflow. As a result, the simulator realistically simulates the unique aerodynamic characteristics of many aircraft. This includes the high angle of attack maneuverability of F18 and F22, the ability of F14 to perform a full turn roll using only rudder, the pedal turn maneuver of F35 and F22, and the cobra maneuver of the Su series aerodynamic layout aircraft. The development process involved real pilots for testing and feedback.

When a 40,000-pound carrier-based aircraft lands on the deck at a descent rate of 5 meters per second, the compression rebound of the landing gear and the damping of the suspension are finely adjusted to create the most realistic visual effects. The recoil force from each bullet is accurately calculated and applied to the aircraft. The simulator also implements rope dynamics simulations for arresting cables and aerial tanker refueling tubes, details that are often not found in many PC flight sims.

Flight Control System (FCS):
Modern fighters often utilize static instability layouts, making it challenging for pilots to fly without the intervention of FCS. The simulator implements an FCS component with the same algorithm as the real flight controller. Your control commands first enter the FCS, which calculates the result using angular velocity feedback or G-load feedback. The result is then passed to the servo to control the control surface.

The simulator implements a HUD based on the real HUD principle. The size and view angle of the HUD characters and symbols have been strictly verified against the HUD of corresponding real aircraft. This offers the most realistic HUD implementation available in the mobile market. The F18 currently features a fully-featured fire control radar, and fire control radars for other aircraft are also under development.

Each missile in the simulator utilizes a real dynamic model, treating them as tiny aircraft. The guidance algorithm employs the same APN algorithm used in real missiles. The guidance results are transmitted to the missile's FCS, which then controls the control surface deflection for maneuvering. The initial speed of the gun bullet in the simulator strictly adheres to real data, accurately calculating the bullet's movement in each frame considering the effects of gravity and air resistance.

Earth Environment Rendering:
The simulator employs multiple scattering algorithms to calculate the color of the sky, ground, and objects, thanks to innovative optimization algorithms. It provides realistic sky colors at dusk and dynamic projections of the earth in the atmosphere. Whether flying at foggy sea levels or 50,000 feet high, you can genuinely feel the presence of the air.Additionally, the game utilizes real astronomical data to determine the positions of stars, the moon, and the sun.

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