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Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy

Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy

1.17.04 by Starkit Studio LLC
(0 Reviews) April 08, 2024
Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy Broyalty. RPG Castle. Strategy

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April 08, 2024
Starkit Studio LLC
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Brother! It’s time to build your own medieval castle and defeat the enemies! Collectible Cards! Broyalty – a new exciting and magical universe of epic battles, quests and adventures!
The Middle Age await! The mobile strategic RPG featuring PVP throne battle and castlevania style castle defense. Without hustle, build your empire & fortress in the universe, where a knight, a princess, a king, an arena, and a castle exist peacefully together! Enjoy strategic battle, army attack, and throne defense. Beat monsters without fallout!

Fight goblins and other mystical creatures to defend your lands and save the princess!

Open chests and get rewards for victories to improve the armor and weapons of your warriors and crush your enemies. Win gold to build an indestructible castle that the entire medieval world will envy! Advance your heroes, promote your civilians and become the best leader of them all!

As the king, you should develop a wise strategy to win a medieval war, so you have to choose your warriors and create the army carefully. Buy weapons and think over the strategy and tactics of the battle before you fight. There won't be a quick and easy win here...

Good strategy, worthy and equipped warriors will allow you to become the strongest king of the Middle Ages and strengthen your kingdom. Only experienced and brave knights will be able to defeat enemies and conquer their territories.

In the game you will explore multiple universes, each full of challenging quests and battles however it won't be always so serious so expect to be entertained, brother! Come on, the princess needs saving!

Defend the army of your dreams and save the princess!

Mobile strategic RPG featuring the Dark Ages and Middle Ages, Rise of empire, castle construction, medieval kingdom battles, combat for survival. Be a legend, be a super star! Collectible Cards!

Official Website: https://starkitstudio.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/tmYrnPWKDZ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/broyaltygame
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/broyaltygame
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StarkitStudio

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