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4X:My Empire

4X:My Empire

1.0.5 by Rise of Civilization
(0 Reviews) April 19, 2024
4X:My Empire 4X:My Empire 4X:My Empire 4X:My Empire 4X:My Empire

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April 19, 2024
Rise of Civilization
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More About 4X:My Empire

In the 3D war world of tens of thousands of square kilometers, you can keep developing civilizations from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. All strategic battles take place in real time. You can use strategies and determine how to freeze lane. Whether we send millions of cavalry to charge the enemy head-on, or a large group of archers to give enemies a long range attack backdoor?As your realm continues to grow, you'll rally your allies to battle the city-state, and take your brothers on the road to the crown together!——“Welcome! My lord! Let’s make civilization alive again!”
【Game Features】
[Free City Construction  Civilization Development]
Facing this strange world, fortunately there is a city to support you. In "4X:My Empire", you can freely construct buildings, develop technology, allocate resources reasonably, and create a unique and exclusive city-state. You can choose the three major civilizations: Frankish, Ottoman or Arabian. Here we can not only experience the drilling feeling of battles, but also the romance of the Gothic castle. You will lead civilization to a prosperous era.
[Fresh battlefield  Free march]
When your city gradually grows, it will definitely attract the attention of the enemies. When the horn of war sounded, you have no way back. The only choice is to assemble your troops and fight against the enemies. Don’t hesitate! Your troops are always ready to give the enemy a heavy blow!
[Hundreds kinds of troops are under your control]
When it comes to the army, of course they are different. The representative arms from various civilizations are waiting for your call. They have different attributes and you can match them in a group according to your need, to maximize their abilities!
[Utilize strategy  Alliance confrontation]
At this time, you are already a little famous, but if you want to ascend to the throne, you must become a leader in the camp, and attack one famous city with your like-minded allies. In this game of thrones, you and your allies will continuously expand your territory until you reach supremacy.

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